Antistasi Wiki

There are five vital statistics in Antistasi that will change continually throughout the campaign:

  1. Human Resources (HR): This represents the amount of manpower you have at your disposal. Purchasing entire squads or soldiers for your squad all cost HR. Of course, if no one wants to join your revolution it would be difficult to recruit a large army so the fastest way to gain HR is by winning the allegiance of the local towns. Additionally, you can immediately gain HR by either rescuing AAF Prisoners or saving Refugees. These are both randomly available missions throughout Altis.
  2. Player Money (MP Only): Each player in a multiplayer game of Antistasi will have their own money account. They can use this to purchase vehicles and soldiers for their squad. Completing missions, killing enemies, stealing from the FIA (hurts your standing), or receiving donations from other players are the main ways to gain Player Money. Note that in single-player games this feature is not active as player money is just combined into FIA money and they are one in the same.
  3. FIA Money (Commander Only): The commander in a multiplayer game or the player in a single-player game will have access to the FIA’s overall money account. This money is used to purchase vehicles, units, and squads, rebuild assets, deploy roadblocks, etc. The amount of money you receive for each 10 minute check-in depends mostly on how many towns and powered resources you own. Owning factories also contributes to the effectiveness of resources, thus increasing the money output indirectly by making each resource pump out more cash.
  4. NATO Support: This value represents NATO’s willingness to help you in your cause. This number maxes out at 100, so if you hit that level it is recommended that you use one of their services to benefit from their backing. More information about how NATO can help you is in a subsequent section, but suffice it to say that NATO is a very powerful organization and they can bring some serious advantages to the player if used correctly.
  5. CSAT Support: This statistic, like NATO support, is not really something you can directly control. As you gain NATO’s respect and succeed in conquering Altis, the AAF will ask for help from their international backer, CSAT.