Antistasi Wiki

In Antistasi Altis is classified into two types of territory: zones and towns. Both serve different purposes and must be taken by the player through totally different means.

1. Zones are areas of the map directly controlled and garrisoned by the AAF. They include Outposts, Bases, Airports, Power plants, Factories, Resources, and Seaports. In order to conquer zones the player must storm them, approach the flag, and use the Take the Flag option to formally claim the zone for the FIA. At that point the zone will change to the FIA and they will start benefiting from having that zone immediately. Bear in mind that zones that are in radio contact will have the help of nearby enemy bases. The AAF may not wait until the battle is nearly lost to call for help, a large attack on their position may result in an immediate QRF response. Whether the AI sends a QRF is subject to a number of conditions such as whether there is a nearby base/airport available to rally their forces, whether sending a QRF will be dangerous (i.e. high chance of ambush by another FIA zone), and whether another zone’s QRF is already en route.

The FIA will dispatch a garrison to this newly-captured location as soon as you take control of it. The size of the garrison is generally proportional to its importance. Airfields and bases get more troops and vehicles than an isolated outpost. NATO will send some of their own soldiers to garrison key zones as well. The size of the NATO garrison is proportional to the support NATO has for you at the time. Also note that depending on conditions the AAF may launch a counterattack. When and how strong the counterattack is depends on a number of factors discussed throughout this guide.

If you lack the resources to capture a zone but still want to deny the enemy the benefit of it, you do have the ability to destroy the zone. Factories are easy enough to demolish given enough time and mortars. If you capture that factory later, you can always rebuild the zone for $5,000 to restore its benefit.

2. Towns are where you will find the residents of Altis trying not to get killed. Conquering towns involves convincing the people that they should back the FIA. The player has many options to do this. They can complete missions like delivering supplies, rescuing prisoners, killing AAF forces, and, crucially, controlling the power plant that gives electricity to that town. Altis residents get very annoyed when they have no power, denying power to AAF towns or supply power to FIA towns will go a long way in gaining and keeping the local population’s support. The benefit of power is not immediate, however. You need to prove to the citizens of that town that you can provide stable electricity over the long term. Thus, the benefit to powering a friendly town will accumulate over time. Stability is key. This is particularly helpful later in the game when some towns are 100% in favor of the AAF. Securing a power plant can make it much easier for the FIA to wear down AAF support without direct interaction.


All towns and most zones require power to fully function. In order to power a town or zone a player must own the nearby power plant and the zone/town itself. Antistasi will automatically shut off the power to towns and zones that the player does not own as a way of denying resources to the enemy. Of course, the AAF will do the same to you. You can determine which power plants supply electricity to which areas based on distance to the power plant. As a general rule, whichever power plant is closest to the town or zone in question is the one supplying electricity to it.

Note: Killing workers at power plants will result in a complete cut off of power in that plant and all the supplied towns.