Antistasi Wiki

Every time you log into a game of Antistasi online you will be asked which traits you want your character to utilize. Each role has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages but they can be useful depending on the type of missions you will do or the phase in the revolution the FIA is currently in. In order to change your role in a multiplayer game you will have to disconnect and reconnect.

Player roles you can choose from are:

  • Officer - Officer have bonuses on both stealth and camouflage, but they cannot carry as much as most other roles.
  • Rifleman - Riflemen are stealthier but, like the officer, have the disadvantage of not being able to carry as much in their inventory.
  • Anti-Tank - AT soldiers enjoy a slight bonus to carry capacity but a drawback of being easy to spot.
  • Auto-rifleman - Auto-riflemen have a slight bonus on carry capacity, but are very noisy when they move so they have a stealth penalty. Note that they will still fatigue and run slower at the same rate, this class only allows the player to carry more.
  • Engineer - Engineers do not have any bonuses or penalties, but have the ability to use Repair Kits for vehicle repair.
  • Medic - Medics do not have any bonuses or penalties, but have the ability to use Med Kits for full health restoration of injured units.
  • Ammo Bearer - Ammo bearers have great strength so they can carry more, but the extra load means they are easy to spot and easy to hear.
  • Marksman - Marksmen have excellent camouflage, but they pay for this by only being able to carry a small amount of items.

Alternatively, if playing single-player the position of Officer is automatically selected for you.